A new approach to beauty and aging solutions is creating a market category focusing on a host of noninvasive beauty tools to tighten, firm, and restore muscle tone right where it is needed, from top to bottom. In a marked shift from the noninvasive techniques of the past, which offered temporary plumping and smoothing, the emerging philosophy focuses on exercising and strengthening the muscles beneath the skin, to create a fortified framework and naturally well-conditioned skin and appearance. From resistance training for the face and toning abdominal and gluteal muscles to working it in a Vagina Gym, toned and tightened is the new modern approach to beauty and aging. 

As needles and filler lose their allure, women are now finding smoother skin and a defined jaw naturally. Lifting and firming the musculature of the face with noninvasive techniques offers an effective, lasting solution for the droops and jowls of time. Resistance training for the facial muscles is an obvious but overlooked remedy. Yoga for the face serves the same purpose as for the body: firming, tightening, adding volume, and providing fullness. The BLAfit Exerciser, a facial fitness tool that targets crucial muscles through calculated resistance, creates symmetry while aligning and strengthening underused anchor muscles. Dr. Maryam Bakhtiyari, a pioneer in the field of orthodontics and a diplomate in cranial facial pain, developed BLAfit after studying the positive effects of tightening the inner and outer muscles that support facial structure, from the eye orbits to the jawline. 

“In my orthodontic practice, I see the transformational results that can be achieved by fixing the anatomical problem,” said Dr. Maryam. “Facial muscles are quite small, so even a minimal amount of exercise, a minute a day, yields big results. When we reach to brush and floss, we should also reach to support our facial muscles with BLAfit exercises. It’s a simple solution that yields dramatic results.”

New technology has also opened the door to noninvasive treatments like Emsculpt, which induces powerful muscle contractions to force muscle tissue to remodel and resculpt deep layers of targeted muscle groups. Yet another breakthrough device, the Emtone, emits radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy to firm the body, building elastin and collagen while breaking down cellulite within the dermis. Patients can find a noninvasive solution to cellulite reduction and overall skin appearance using the thermal technology of Emsculpt and Emtone, with no downtime and FDA-proven results. 

From top to bottom, muscle tone is the new direction for improving appearance and lifestyle. Kegelbell, a device designed to strengthen vaginal muscles, has far greater range than just adding zip to your sex life (although that is a well-earned benefit!). The device also improves pelvic floor function to ameliorate bladder leakage by toning critical muscles, tones laxity in vaginal muscles due to childbirth and ameliorates dryness by strengthening muscles that need to self-lubricate.  

With a host of new alternatives on the market, improving muscle tone for function and appearance no longer requires drastic measures. Medically proven innovations like BLAfit, Emsculpt and Emtone, and Kegelbell are efficient, effective, and yield natural results. Importantly, the muscle-building techniques restore natural musculature and an authentic appearance, without drastically altering the anatomy of the face or body. What is even better for beauty consumers is that these revolutionary new treatments largely fit in the palm of the hand.