What is this device?

Great question! We understand this device is new to many people, so we're here to ease any tensions or concerns that our community might have about BLA™. The device is designed around the idea of facial fitness. It exercises the lips and facial muscles in order to produce fuller lips, a more defined jawline, firmer skin, and lifted cheekbones.

What does BLAfit stand for?

BLAfit™ stand for Bella Lip Appliance Fitness. "Bella" meaning beautiful, "Lip" because the main focus of the product is the lips, "Appliance" because it is another tool to help us be our best self, and "Fitness" because BLA™ is all about facial fitness!

When will I see results?

Results are seen in the lips usually immediately after the first set of exercises but, as with any workouts, repetition is required to form and plump the lip muscles and define the facial muscles. Our customers have reported it usually takes about a month to see substantial differences in the facial musculature.

Why create such a device?

Dr. Maryam's passion for natural, clean living and a deep desire to help people become the best version of themselves inspired her to develop the BLA™ facial exercise device (Bella Lips Appliance®). With the BLA™ you can “Shape the Best You”.  It is important that we believe in ourselves and build our self-confidence.

Is the BLA for both men and women?

Absolutely! Everybody has facial muscles, and BLA™ is the perfect device in order to enhance their facial fitness.

Is it safe for children/teenagers?

Yes, it is! This device was designed with everybody in mind. Facial fitness is an important aspect of our daily routine that can be implemented at an early age. Unfortunately, children/teenagers are bombarded with society's expectations of beauty and are turning to injections and surgeries at a younger age. While we believe everyone has the freedom to make their own choices, we highly recommend they stay away from injections or surgeries before trying other non-invasive procedures.

Is there proof that it increases lip mass?

The proof is in the pudding! A 30-day clinical study was conducted on 10 females, ages 15-54, with varying degrees of upper lip sizes. Bella Lip Appliance (BLA™) was used once daily for sixty (60) seconds, and the subjects saw an average increase of 14.6% in upper lip mass while 100% of those women saw visibly larger lips.

Are there different sizes?

There is no need for different sizes; one size fits all! The BLA™ was designed with the rest position of the device being the maximum distance that your mouth should open.

How long do they last?

These devices are designed to last for YEARS. The BLA™ is not meant to be thrown away after a few uses. In preliminary tests, the device can last through ~350,000 cycles! Dr. Maryam still uses her original prototype she made over 4 years ago, and the device has no signs of cracks, bends, or weakened resistance.

Do you offer a refund?

Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. We guarantee you will see results within one month of using the BLA™ consistently.

What is the BLA made of?

The BLA™ is made of BPA-free, impact-resistant, and FDA-approved plastic. It has no estrogenic or androgenic activity and has exceptional durability so it can be used without fear of shattering. It's even dishwasher safe!

I already have lip injections. Can I still use this device?

If you have lip injections, BLA™ can still be used to keep the muscles of your lips and face lifted. There is no danger of the BLA™ traumatizing the lips and/or causing injury.

I forget to use my appliance. How do I remember to use it consistently?

Like any good habit, remembering to use your BLA™ requires patience and commitment. Incorporate it into your morning routine before you put on your makeup, or try using it before going to sleep to relax your jaw and release tension.